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Ann Lee embarked on her journey of expression through the use of oils in April of 2013 when she decided to paint a 9 1/2-foot-tall mural on the wall in her brewery’s taproom. Since then, her passion for painting has continually grown and evolved as has her techniques and skills.

Ann invites you to take a journey through the “Evolving Colors” of her paintings.  She believes that each painting is a symbolism of life.  Conception – Beginnings – Direction – Details – and Finished Piece.

Conception:   What is it that you want to express?

Beginnings:  Formative stage. Substrate – Mediums

Direction:  Life choices.  Style or technique

Detail:  Life’s Journey.  Composition.  Form, Shape, Color, Lines, Texture, and Tone

Finished Piece: Accomplishments. Impact, Perception, Balance, and Harmony